Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Your Questions, Answered!

Yesterday, we asked you guys to ask us any questions you may have about us.  The CowSpotDogs asked for more photos of Havi!

So here is a typical day in the life of a Havi...

Once the Grad Students get out of bed, Havi takes over the cozy bed.

Sometimes she won't even get out of bed and we have to make her into it...

Sometimes she tries to help make the bed

Other times she makes more of a mess

Then she moves over to the couch while Law Student does her homework and checks her mail

This is her face after I said the word "walk"
She looks interested!
Demonstrating her sit in front of the elevator!

Down the long service entrance!

Her spot!

Havi's all settled in with some awesome treats!

The Grad Students came home and she stopped to say hello to her  doorman!

Then her fan club joined her in the lobby for late-night belly rubs

Havi loves cuddle time on the couch!

What an exhausting day, and she didn't even get to play with her BFF Jax today!

We're accepting more questions through the end of the week!  Leave your question in the comments!


  1. Looks like Havi has it made! Loved all the pictures!

  2. I also loved all the pictures! She is such a beautiful dog. I love the photos of her on the couch and made into your bed. Definitely reminds me of Zoe. :)

  3. awesome 'day-in-the-life'!

    you guys watch whitney! i can't find a single person in my real life circle that watches that show.

    1. same! they have a very similar relationship to Dental Student and me!

  4. I love love love these pics! Havi is just the cutest.

  5. What a day!

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Trying to figure out which show y'all are watching! Sounds like Havi had an excellent day!

  7. Well the City may never sleep - but it looks like Havi has it all figured out and has found all the best spots. But how come Havi looks so sad? Is she suffering a touch of the winter blues?

  8. HA! I love the photo of her made in the bed!

  9. This makes me miss NYC doormen so much. My friend lives in Manhattan and has the sweetest old man as her doorman...he's kind of adorable. Havi seems to like her routine--Arie has "her spot" as well, and until you get to that spot, it's no dice and you're out in the freezing cold/blazing heat of Georgia, so it's a quick trek to get there. On a side note...I love your rug and couch, and have been looking for a good grey couch for my space. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the sofa?

  10. I don't blame Havi for wanting to cuddle in bed under all of the blankets. It's cold out there! Reggie is the same way - he doesn't get out of bed until he hears the food hit his bowl. :)

    I love the photo of Havi playing with the doorman. Who's enjoying that belly rub more?

  11. So cute - Havi is so sweet! So nice to meet you and her today!!