Friday, May 25, 2012

Feature: Love Letters From a Dogwalker

When the Grad Students went to Long Island to celebrate Law Student's Grad, Havi hung out for the day with RuffCity DogWalking!

Hope you're having fun at the party! Havi and I are having our own girl party here at the apartment. :) We just got back from a walk and man, now I see how slow she is with you guys. We plodded around, walked over by the park, and she peed twice and pooped once - mostly solid! She was taking her sweet time and sniffing all around so I had to pull her along a few times. On our way back in a lady with her baby in a stroller wanted to say hi so Havi was more than happy to oblige and gave them each a kiss. We did a look/touch before we headed out today, another while passing two very aggressive Yorkies, and I didn't even have to worry about the last dog we passed. She didn't snap at anyone! I did make her sit at corners, and she got some treat rewards today - just a few nibbles! :) She drank some water when we got back and is napping on my shoulder now! Yay for lazy Sundays! 

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  1. So awesome to have a dog walker you can trust who loves your dog so much!