Friday, May 18, 2012

Feature: Love Letters From A Dogwalker

Havi's Thursday walk with RuffCity DogWalking

What a beautiful day to be reunited with our beautiful Havi!! I almost (almost) forgot how freaking adorable she is, but she quickly reminded me with her over excited greeting. HUGE roly-poly show but I'm pretty skilled nowadays and got her snapped in quick. Then we were off to explore in this glorious weather!

Avoided the park to keep from putting any potentially negative news in this email :) She didn't mind and the first half was a lovely quick-paced adventure. We took no route, just zig sagging through the streets westward and letting the shade guide us. She of course zonked out about halfway through and the rest of the walk was super mellow. A couple tugs to keep her moving and we came to an agreement that I would slow us down if she at least didn't give up :)

Lots of love from adoring fans along the way and someone called her 'Pretty Pittie' which I thought was awesome. We searched high and low for a street vendor so we could both hydrate a bit but no luck- weird!

She was very good passing other dogs (no runners today) with the exception of one poodle mix on a long leash that lunged while the owner chatted on her phone- grrr. But Hav calmed down quickly, sat, looked and touched for me. And she was a but stubborn about sitting at corners but I was relentless and never let her get away with it. There were a lot of butt pushes!

She had two big solid poops too- hooray!

Back home, after a lazy elevator ride (see attached) I gave her some fresh spring water but silly Hav wanted her bone first so she munched on that before hesitantly going back in her crate with some kisses goodbye. 

I'll miss her until next time!!


  1. I love this feature ... our own walker/sitter, K, leave such lovely notes for us, too - it warms our hearts!

  2. "pretty pittie" AND two solid poops? now that's what I call a good walk! :)