Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weekly Feature: Love Letters From A Dogwalker: Havi Starts Listening!

We've gotten such fun feedback on our Thursday Love Letter From A Dogwalker Series! We feel that everyone relates to the problems Havi still has as a young dog that we've had for less than a year.  Additionally, it's kinda fun to see how a pup spends her day without you!  Enjoy...

Ah so good to have her back in my life! I missed her! And so did Jax and Sophie who we planned to meet at the park :)

She did better with getting the harness on, timewise at least. She was still jumpypants and circling but let me hold her and get it on. Then she sat whenever prompted, including the elevator where her paws constantly slip on the floor!

I've been trying to get her to move away from the gate when another pup is coming in. She jumps and barks, only wanting to play, but sometimes scares them! When I call her to come you can see her start to but the temptation and anticipationis just too great. I then go over and make her sit a few feet away and wait for the dog to enter. Then its a free-for-all!

Everyone was kinda lazy today. It was constant movement (mostly on Havi's part) but not a ton of wrestling. It's pretty hot out so I don't blame her!

She also hung out with Sailor, Molly, and Buddy, all of whom were just as hot as she was! She spent the last few minutes after her friends left laying in the shade, taking in some fresh air.

Then she came when called to get leashed up and head home. The walk back was slow but steady. Only when we hit shade under scaffolding did she stall...again, I don't blame her!

Attached is her typical position in the elevator :)

Got her new water and a big milkbone, and of course tons of kisses.

I didn't see an envelope so ill grab it next week :)

Enjoy this day!

PS. Saw the Terps glass when I was filling her water. I went to Maryland! Did one of you??


  1. I'm pretty sure you have the world's best dog walker- she sounds awesome! It's great that Havi gets to go on outings while you guys are gone.

  2. It is so great you found someone so caring for Havi.

  3. Hey, I've read thru your blog since Im always up for new ideas (found you thru 2 pitties in the city). Havi is just tooo adorable. I've always been a big fan of the "dangerous" breeds (my heartdog was a rottie).

    You mentioned several times about Havi's tummy issues. Have you tried canned pumpkin? Just plain 100% pumpkin. It clears up both diarrhea and constipation. My rottie had the most sensitive tummy so he got 1-2 tbsp on his food twice a day :) Keep up the great work :)

  4. I bet Havi loves her daily outings with her dog walker! What a cool concept! Do you ever worry though about giving a stranger access to your house? Is your walker through a company or someone you found on Craigslist? Just curious in case we ever needed to hire one.

  5. Such great feedback! It's so great to find someone you can trust.

  6. What a great person you have found to walk Havi! Getting her leashed sounds just like leashing Hannibal (Boxer) when he knows he is going to doggy daycare!

    Havi is so adorable in that elevator picture!

    Cande @ Beans4Biscuits

  7. It's so fantastic your dog walker provides these little updates. I've thought off and on about hiring someone for Shiva on occasion but I don't know if I could put someone I liked through that. :-P She is a new level of catastrophe all together.

  8. I think one thing that I love about these letters, is that you get to see how Havi behaves with other people. I think it's easy (and normal) for our dogs to behave one way with us, and then be on their not-so-best behavior with someone else. It's got to be a great way for Havi to really learn the "rules" too.

  9. Hey Havi!
    Wow, sounds like you and your walker person have it all worked out! Love that pix of you in your snazzy collar and leash...very chic! More pix, more pix, more pix! :)
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. This is my favorite part of Thursdays!
    ps. left you an award on my blog today :o)

  11. Love this! I love my dog walker/pet sitter ... I get the most wonderful notes from her when I go away.